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Most websites use so called information capsules, or cookies today. Cookies are text files that gets stored in your web browser when you visit or interact with a website. On this site, we use cookies to compile statistics that makes us better equipped to explain what Ambera is. The data also helps us to understand how visitors wants to use the page and how they prefer to communicate with us. In sum, cookies make us less spammy and more relevant to you.

Most modern browsers, like Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and Firefox, accept cookies by default. If you don’t want to accept cookies automatically, you can change this in your browser settings. Be aware that most websites will work better with the original browser settings.

Ambera newsletter terms and conditions

By subscribing to the Ambera newsletter, you give Ambera permission to store names, e-mail addresses and other user related data. The information can be used to contact you through e-mail and other direct or indirect channels. The information can also be used to analyse user behavior, improving user experience and to optimize communications.