DLA Piper has grown to become one of the world’s biggest law firms and can be found in almost every European country. Their clients range from big multinational enterprises to small emerging companies. Who’s Who ranked DLA Piper as the number 1 law firm in real estate and franchise in 2017, and the firm has more than 1000 industry leading lawyers among their employees.

With DLA Piper on the Ambera team, we have access to some of the world’s most prominent real estate legal advisors. This helps to ensure that all aspects of our project are handled professionally and according to local as well as international regulations.

Their expertise in international real estate is very valuable to our residents, as they can help navigate any tax or property-related issues. Ambera’s clients can access legal advice in their respective home countries’ subsidiary of DLA throughout the purchase process, giving them comfort that legal issues are handled with an international understanding and the purchase of homes is secured through a trusted network.