David is Ambera’s primary researcher, and has been working on the Ambera concept from the very beginning.

David received his Bachelor’s degree from Oxford Brookes University in 2013, in Philosophy. Philosophy, from the Greek ‘Philos’ and ‘Sophia’ can loosely be translated as ‘A love of wisdom’, a principle which embodies David’s approach to Ambera, research, and life as a whole- wherever good ideas are to be found, David takes them on board to improve himself and whatever he is working on. He has worked in a wide variety of industries, including Optics, Event Security, and Civil Service. He has now found a home in Ambera.

David has spent most of his time since 2017 researching for Ambera- everything from the history and background of the Active Adult Lifestyle in the US, to which regions in Spain receive the most sunlight per year, to which European nationalities speak the most languages (the Luxembourgish). His first research task with Ambera was to assess the viability of Active Adult Living in Europe. Needless to say, he was enthusiastic about the possibilities, and the intervening two years have only made him more confident in Ambera’s future success.

David is passionate about Ambera, because it is a concept that will allow people endless opportunities for self-improvement, something mirrored in David’s choice of hobbies. In his free time, David enjoys: Playing piano, reading, computer programming, target throwing with axes, learning Japanese, perfecting his Norwegian, martial arts, circus skills, writing, studying Psychology and behavioral disorders, discussing Philosophy and Anthropology, and is currently interested in learning smithing.