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We are building Europe's first active adult community – an entire town designed to make your life's next chapter the best one yet.

We believe the key to living a happy life is worrying less, playing a part in other people’s lives, learning new things, and doing more of what brings us joy.

Activities and social life

At Ambera, you are more than just a property owner- you are a part of an active community. With more than fifty different groups and activities included in your monthly community fee, there is always something fun and interesting to do. Whether you are a driven tennis player, dancer, singer, sculptor or hiking enthusiast, every day provides an opportunity to enjoy your favourite activity. At Ambera you stay active, contribute to your community, and meet likeminded people by simply doing what you love to do.

Quality and convenience on a retirement budget

At Ambera you can safely leave energy-draining obligations to professionals without having to worry about your personal finances. A small monthly fee covers all essential community offerings and maintenance of your private property. This allows you to relax and focus on what is important to you. Enjoy a wide range of activities- delicious dining, excellent shopping, first class golf courses and swimming pools- right across the street. Top-of-the-line modern workstations and healthcare facilities are also available within walking distance whenever you need them. Whenever you feel adventurous, join us on a community bus tour, hop on an e-bike or get a car from the community car service. With all your basic needs conveniently covered, you are free to spend your days in the sun as you please.

Health and safety

We want to make it as easy as possible for our residents to enjoy a healthy lifestyle and achieve their goals. Our fitness coaches can help you design programs adjusted to your level, and nutrition experts can assist you in putting together a healthy and balanced diet. If you are in need of medical expertise, our health centre is right next door, and our professional medical staff is on-call twenty-four/seven. We want to be an open and inviting community that takes safety seriously. That is why we are always surrounded by people we know, and have a security team on-call around the clock.

Freedom of choice

Your freedom and privacy are always our top priority. No-one ever tells you to do anything in Ambera, but there are always plenty of interesting things you can choose to be a part of. If life-long learning is something you value, join one of our classes on subjects like language, history and writing. If you have an active work life, you’re welcome to use our fully-appointed modern workstations. If leisure is what you’re after, there will be no lack of options. Invite your friends and loved ones to stay with you, or rent one of our cosy community guest houses. With children’s pools and adventures in abundance, they’ll never want to go back home. No matter your life situation, Ambera allows you to live a rich life on your terms.

Designed for Europeans, inspired by America

Ambera is the first active adult community in Europe, but similar concepts have been a huge success in America ever since Del Webb’s Sun City opened up in 1960. Today there are more than 900 active communities, and they all offer affordable, high-quality homes with shared facilities and activities included in the price. People living in these kinds of communities are found to be 50% less lonely and 30% more active than their peers. Ambera is designed for Europeans by Europeans, inspired by proven American successes. Have a look at two of the most popular active adult community concepts in the world.

Have a look at two of the most popular active adult community concepts in the world.

The Villages (click to read more)
The Villages in Florida is the largest active adult community in the world with more than 100,000 inhabitants and 3000 clubs.

Del Webb (click to read more)
Del Webb built the first community back in 1960 and has built 50 more since then. Today, residents can get a 1,573 square feet (150 m2) detached home for just 200.000 EUR with property maintenance and extensive shared facilities included.

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