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This seems too good to be true – can something like this really work?

Yes. We have absolutely no doubt that we can and will make this project a reality. If it still seems too good to be true, let us explain what makes it possible. There are two main principles that are important here: Scale, and community-run groups and activities.

By building large communities, we can split the costs for operations, shared facilities and activities, and other running expenses between many homes. This makes living in Ambera much cheaper per person than if we were to build smaller communities. We’ve visited over 50 similar communities in America, where this idea has been proven to work extremely well, and the community members love the lifestyle they can afford thanks to it.

In order to create an active and social community, we are going to employ what we call a ‘Lifestyle Director’. This person’s job is to make it fun and easy for our community members to join and create clubs and activities. We will help facilitate the activities, but our members will have the most control over how they are run. A retired journalist might start a writing class, a piano teacher might decide to lead the town orchestra, a hobby carpenter might lead a woodworking course, and so on. By making it easy to get started, we will create an encouraging culture where contributing your skills and talents makes life more fun for everyone.


Co-founder and CEO Falko Müller-Tyl on the two principles that is going to make Ambera work.



How much will it cost to live in Ambera?

Our goal is to make Ambera affordable for as many people as possible, not just the wealthiest people. The price of living in Ambera will depend on which land plot we purchase, and how large the project ends up being. Land close to the sea is more expensive than plots inland, and the more homes we can split the costs between, the cheaper it becomes per household. We plan on building our first project by the sea, because many of our followers and future residents have told us that it is important to them. As such, the price level of our first project might be a bit higher than some of our future projects.

Similar projects in the U.S. offer apartments from approximately $150,000, and detached homes from $200,000. For those who prefer to rent a home, Ambera will also be offering long-term rental homes. Just like the house prices, the rent will be determined by the size and location of the community.

The monthly community fee- which covers activities, property maintenance, and common areas- is sometimes as low as $100 per household. We are aiming for a similar price level in Ambera, but we can’t know for sure how much it will be until the land plot is fixed. Please subscribe to our newsletter for more information, and go to our Facebook page for frequent updates on our progress.


Co-founder and CEO Falko Müller-Ty explains the Ambera price model.



Will it be possible to rent?

Absolutely. We will reserve a portion of the homes for short-term rental, aimed at people who are curious about the Ambera lifestyle and want to get a taste of what it’s like before they buy a home.  However, we want Ambera to be an active and lively community year-round, and for that reason we will primarily offer long-term rental homes. Just like our other prices, the cost of rent will be determined by the size and location of the community. We will release all the exciting details about location and pricing as soon as the land plot is fixed. Please subscribe to our newsletter for more information, and go to our Facebook page for frequent updates on our progress.


Co-founder and CEO Falko Müller-Tyl wants to offer short-term rental for those who are curious about the Ambera lifestyle.




Where is the first community going to be built?

We have decided to build our first Ambera project in Spain. Precisely where in Spain is not yet determined, but we are currently looking at some amazing coastal plots in the areas around Alicante and Marbella. The reason we want to build in Spain is because it’s an extremely popular country amongst many different people, and because it’s much easier to build a social and active community when you have 330 days of sun to work with every year.


Co-founder and CEO Falko Müller-Tyl on why he thinks Spain is the perfect location for the first Ambera community.



What is the timeframe?

Right now, our main priority is buying a land plot, and our goal is to have this done in the next few months, by Summer 2019. Once we have bought the land and know where we are going to build, we can hire an architect and begin to design the community and the homes. We’ve put a lot of work in already, so we estimate that this process will take approximately 3-6 months from the day we buy the plot. When this is done, we will open sales, and begin construction. Depending on the location, we expect construction to take between 18 and 24 months.

All the locations we are looking at right now are absolutely beautiful, and we can’t wait to share pictures and more information as soon as we’re sure we have the perfect plot. Please subscribe to our newsletter for more information, and go to our Facebook page for frequent updates on our progress.


Co-founder and CEO Falko Müller-Tyl gives a brief update on current the state of things.



How can I become a part of this?

This is perhaps our favourite question. We want to build a community that you, our future residents, want to live in. To do that, we need to ask for your opinion. On our Facebook page, you will find a discussion group that we created. The purpose of this group is to gather people from different countries, just like we will in our town, and talk about what we want to get out of our lives in Ambera.

We will also use this group as a platform for recruiting future employees, and to find service providers, because we want to work with and reward people who believe in our vision as much as we do. We also hope that- as a side-effect of helping create Ambera- our future residents will get to know each other before they even move in.

Do you long to make Ambera a reality, too? Please join the group: “Ambera- discussion and inspiration”, and share your thoughts and opinions with the rest of us!


Co-founder and CEO Falko Müller-Tyl on why the opinions of future residents are so important to him.



How do you make money?

Ambera is a real estate developing company. That means we buy land plots, hire architects, plan, design, and build projects, sell them to residents, and then operate them. Through this process, we make money. It is important to us that everyone involved in creating this value chain gets their fair share. At the same time, we are determined to make Ambera affordable for our residents. We are not building a luxury project for the rich and wealthy, but an affordable project for everybody. To learn more about our price model, please read our answer to the question “How much will it cost to live in Ambera?” above.


Co-founder and CEO Falko Müller-Tyl explains the Ambera business model.




Is Ambera a community for rich people?

Absolutely not. We want Ambera to be affordable for as many people as possible, which is why we’re aiming to offer apartments from €200,000 upwards. Compared to other projects in the areas we wish to build, many of which offer far less than we will, we feel that this is a very favourable price level. For those who can’t afford to buy, or whom, for other reasons don’t want to buy, we will offer rental homes as an option.

The reason we can offer a wide variety of amenities and activities for such low prices is that we will build on a large scale, reducing the cost per person, and because many of our groups and activities will be run by our members themselves. All households will pay a monthly fee of between €100-€200, which will grant access to everything- from golf courses and ballet classes, to health centres and gardening services.

Whether you live in the smallest apartment, or the largest villa, all members will have the same rights and opportunities at Ambera. Our hope is that how much money you have will become irrelevant, because everybody can have a great life regardless of the size of their wallets.


Co-founder and CEO Falko Müller-Tyl wants Ambera to be affordable for as many people as possible.



Do you want to isolate older generations?

We have no interest in and no intention of isolating people. Quite the opposite, in fact. We are targeting people who are 55 or older mainly because they are the people who stand to benefit the most from this project, and those who can contribute the most. We want Ambera to be a wonderful, lively community year-round, and people have more time on their hands when they don’t work as much.

That being said, we want to make our community a fantastic place for younger people to visit. If you visit one of the many second home communities in Spain today, you will meet very few young people. We think this is less because the residents have been isolated, and more because there’s nothing for people to do there, and no enticement to visit. This is what we want to change.

Ambera is going to be a dream destination for visiting children and grandchildren. We will make it easy to get to us, convenient to stay with us, and there will be tons of fun activities for people of all ages to choose from. Our goal is that, instead of having to entice people to come visit, you’ll actually have to encourage them to leave! With so many visitors, we think that Ambera will have the biggest variety in age of all second home communities in Spain.


Co-founder and CEO Falko Müller-Tyl explains why he thinks Ambera will be better at mixing generations than other second home communities.




Are you trying to take advantage of older people?

Taking advantage of people is the last thing we want to do. We think that the current system is taking advantage of people- giving them very little service for sky-high prices, and expecting people to be grateful for it. What we’re trying to do is offer an opportunity for a new and better life for people who are approaching retirement, or who have already stopped working.

We’re talking about a very resourceful, experienced generation who are fully capable of making informed decisions about whether they want to buy a home in Ambera or not. All of our residents will be people who have made a very active, conscious decision about how they wish to spend their lives after their careers. What we want to do is give them the opportunity to live them to the fullest.


Co-founder and CEO Falko Müller-Tyl wants to give people the opportunity to live life to the fullest.


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